”Did you hear about it?”

“About what?”

“Sayanee will not participate in this year’s Senbatsu Election.”

“Really? But why?”

Jurina over heard some members chatting about her rival. She is just sitting alone in silence while others are busy talking ang giggling around. Though she is good at making friends, there are times like this one that she likes to be alone.

“Do you think she will graduate?” again, she heard one of them.

This is like deja vu. Nowadays, one of the sign that the member is hinting her graduation announcement is to not participate to election.

Will she graduate? Is this her sign?

She can’t help but to think of someone who have done this two years ago. This is exactly how Rena hints her graduation. Now she can’t stop thinking about that someone. Her face, her smile, her scent, especially on how beautiful she was, in her graduation. It breaks her heart into pieces. She tried to smile in front of her, in front of the members, in front of the fans.

“As the ace, I can’t show any weakness.” She said in silence during the graduation ceremony but then she failed.

She cried in her handshake event and in front of fans. She ended up crying in the arms of the members.

Why do I remember this ? Silly!

Her thoughts are interrupted as Yuihan sit besides her. “Sayanee will not participate in this coming election. Hmm, so..What do you think?” Yuihan fires the question as soon as she sits down.

“Huh? I don’t know. I don’t mind. Really.” Jurina said shifting her gaze to Yuihan.

“But I’m not surprise tho. How about you? You are close to her , right?” She ask her back. Jurina knows that Yuihan deeply cares about her.

“I’m hoping she will not graduate. Ricchan and Paruru’s graduation are heartbreaking . So if Sayanee graduates…..” she can’t continue her words as tears fell through her eyes.

Jurina stares at her. She don’t like it. She don’t want to see it. She don’t want to see herself through other members.

“I know how you feel.” She said but immediately stood up. “I’ll just go to the dressing room.” then, she starts to walk away.

She saw Sayanee walking in her direction. Sayanee stares at Jurina who is also staring at her. They stop walking as they are in front of each other.

“Why aren’t you participating in Senbatsu? What are your plans? Will you graduate?”  Those are the words that Jurina is dying to say but the silence remains.

“Congratulation for being the next center of AKB48 single.” Those are Sayanee’s thoughts but can’t utter any word to say it.

Come on , Jurina! Just talk to her, ask your concerns, you can do it normally just like with the other members.

Come on, Sayanee! Just congratulate her, She will appreciate it.

Both their innerselves confronted them.

”Ahh .. nno” Jurina finally broke the silence.

” Yes?”

Otsukaresama! (thanks for a good job).” Jurina formally greet her.

Ugh! I can’t do it normally.

O-Otsukaresama!” Sayanee replied. She can’t do it normally either.

They continue to stare at each other for a while. It seems like that there are a lot of things they want to talk about. Thoughts and concerns that should be expressed but they can never speak out loud.

Without any words being said, they continue to walk away with each other with these thoughts in their head ,

(A/N : Bold font for Jurina’s thoughts while italic font for Sayanee’s thoughts . If it’s bold and italic at the same time, it means they have the same thoughts)

I want to talk to her.

I want to show how I admire her.

Everything about her is adorable.

I want to show that I care.

I respect her.

I’m thankful and honor that she consider me as her rival, equal rival.

She’s the greatest rival I ever had. I love that girl.

Those were the beautiful words that just goes in vain because of the wall between them called RIVALRY

When will it break? Hmm.. No one knows. And until then, they will never know that they have the same thoughts. They have the same desires. They have the same feelings.


Author: Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon loves to read and write stories, poem and random things that would reflect their thoughts.

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