Jurina Matsui

Let us keep on supporting her. Let us take this journey together and be with her until she reach her goal. 


AKB48 48th single

Interesting! JuriSaku as Wcenter.

I am kinda excited as Jurina being one of the center of AKB48 48th single(Negaigoto no mochigusare). I am very proud of her.

She looks beautiful and elegant, as always. As expected from the SKE48’s ace.

I don’t mind what other people say, I love this single and I find it amusing as Jurina is the center(with Sakura).

The song and PV is very meaningful. One of the reason why I am a 48group fan, they always make the PVs meaningful and worth watching whoever the center is.

Thank you for making Jurina and Sakura as the center this time.

Congratulation JuriSaku! 

Who is the deserving center?

Honestly, everyone have different answer for this. I should say my oshi is the deserving one while others may say their oshi is much deserving. We also have different reason.

I actually can’t see any members that can replace Acchan in being the ace (same thing for Jurina in SKE and Sayanee in NMB). But I think every members deserve to be the center whether they are being push or not.

There were also time that I was being bitter and hate a members for a moment because they were chosen to be the center and not my oshi. Of course, I want the best for her. But after the last year election, I realized something and ask these three question to myself.

  • Why should I hate a member just because she was chosen as the center?
  • Why should I hate a member just because my oshi was not in her place?
  • Why should I hate a member just because she was being push than my oshi?

Those things doesn’t change anything.

Her position doesn’t change how much I love and support her.The centers doesn’t change how much I love the group. Being my oshi as the center or not, I should be proud for the group and for the members. 

Whether they were being push or not, whether they were chosen as the center or not, whatever their position is. Our members have their own way to prove theirselves and we also have our own way to support them. So let us trust their capabilities and keep on support them. 

Different versions of Jurina

Jurina as a yankee in Majisuka Gakuen 1 and 2

Jurina as a prisoner in Majisuka Gakuen 3

Jurina as a nurse in Majisuka Gakuen 4

Jurina as a gangster in Majisuka Gakuen 5.

Jurina as a vampire in Crow’s Blood.

Jurina as an hostess in Cabasuka Gakuen

and Jurina as a wrestler in Tofu Pro Wrestling.


Which version of Jurina do you prefer?