How did you become a fan of your idol/Oshi/bias?

I say we became a fan of something or someone in a certain degree or level at some point of ourlives. Maybe you’re not super addicted to it but I bet you got hooked to it for atleast once..and as for us, we have our oshi (Jpop term of idol) or bias (Kpop term of idol) , that we treasure really dearly in our heart. 

Have you ever wonder and look back to your past and ask yourself, “how did I become a fan?”

I have here a list of few common stories of a journey from a simple human being to an extraordinary fan girling and fan boying life! 😉

Influenced by someone close to you..

Surprise? I bet no. How many of us here that become a fan because of your sister,brother ,cousin, friend of friend and etc is a fan too? Maybe they suggested you a music video or a song that got you to your bones and trapped you from there. Yeah! I heard that a lot.

Interest in music, dancing or singing..

I believe that all of fan has a dancer and or a singer inside their sleves. The artist in them is awaken by these idols that’s why they look them up as their senpai/sunbae (senior) as they aspire to become an idol themselves. Some pursue that dream but some just sleep to it to dream abt it. LOL.

And finally,

Broken heart

Not so common huh? Believe me, it is a common ride of a fan girl/boy. They might not admit it but the disappointment and heartaches of life ,love and their surroundings made them turn to pick an idol. Idols are breath of fresh air to a broken soul and a light of hope in their heart.

So, how did you become a fan of who?

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Comment your favorite band, your idol name and a brief story on how you become a fan.. Wiiie! I’m excited to hear from you’ll.


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